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Dec 31

Marine essence set last promo!!


Yes betul ah kata orang bile dah pakai memang bawa merata hhahaah.. sampai ke hotel pun saya bawa. Ehehehe sabun hotel boleh simpan je. Keluar je toilet harum semerbak.. sikit lagi dapat anak plak.. huhuhu ooopppss.. Anyways promo last day arini will take orders sampai kul 10pm.. 2 marine essence body wash (treatment kulit kita!! …

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Jul 29

Sempena my 10th year anniversary


Hahaha am seriously in a good mood today as I am celebrating my 10th Anniversary in 2 days time.. 10…!! over the moon dah ni 9 boleh tetiba..   But the celebration has to be postponed as this is Ramadhan kan.. tak sesuai!! Nevertheless, in shaa Allah will be celebrating on his birthday …

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May 18

Personal View of Marine Essence body wash

Hi, The last time I wrote on how I love the Marine Essence Beauty BAR aka “ARMPIT SOAP”!! Now there is another new product MARINE ESSENCE BODY WASH and MARINE ESSENCE SHAMPOO Ingredient wise mmg lebih kurang, ada bamboo salt, liquorice extract, Pheno-SFE.. But personally, I like the bar better. Advantage of Marine Essence BODY …

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Feb 19

Marine Essence Beauty Bar @ sabun ketiak

I bought this marine essence beauty bar aka sabun ketiak not really knowing of the benefits..Just knew that it contains bamboo salt, which i know provides essential minerals and antioxidants for the skin. I have sensitive skins, as such I do have to be very picky on what I use and I really wanted to give it …

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