Marine Essence Beauty Bar @ sabun ketiak

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I bought this marine essence beauty bar aka sabun ketiak not really knowing of the benefits..Just knew that it contains bamboo salt, which i know provides essential minerals and antioxidants for the skin. I have sensitive skins, as such I do have to be very picky on what I use and I really wanted to give it a try

When I got home terus rasa nak mandi..Took it out from the box, even before I remove the plastic, I know I am going to LOVE IT! Over kan? But seriously, I love the scent! wangi sangat sampai harum satu bilik mandi. Tak payah pakai pewangi. I personally would vouched to this statement:

“…its captivating scent so divine that you will be enticed to use Marine Essence Beauty Bar everyday!”(Hai O Marketing website)
Little that I know that it has an exclusive blend of beneficial ingredients that is good for our skin.

No wonder I feel rejuvenated after shower!

Here are some of the info.

Because there is liquorice extract, some said this beauty soap can whiten undearms or any areas that have dark spots.

Try it out!

There are 3 bars in each box which makes the purchase SO WORTH it.

Price : RM105/box – You can also get it bar or two if you do not want to buy one box.

Do call/whatsapp/sms :0173143499 – IRDA for more information or order on marine essence beauty bar @ sabun ketiak


PRICE : 1 box – RM105

           1 bar – RM35


1. BANK IN –  my Account – Nor Irdawati Mahyuddin – Price + postage

CIMB 12120000721205 or

MBB 5641 5505 1643

or for CREDIT CARD  users you can use paypal –
and follow the instructions

2.  Email/Whatsapp/ SMS me the following:

  • proof of payment
  • NAme, address and mobile number (to arrange for delivery)


If you live around Klang Valley, Bandar Seri Putra, Nilai, Seremban –

simply CALL 0173143499 and Cash on Delivery (COD)


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  1. Beauty bar says:

    Its really pleasant to be here..I love to read this blog…

  2. Thank you so much… it's an honor.

  3. Shuvarna latha ponnan says:

    I pernah try soap ni dulu dan nk beli lagi tapi tak taw mana nk beli. Klu i boleh beli kat akk, tolong supplykan boleh.

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